About SEC

What is the Cal Poly Sales Engineering Club?
The Cal Poly SEC is the only club on campus dedicated to raising awareness and interest in both the technical and business aspects of engineering. Our goals and aspirations for this club are continually evolving, but can be broken down into three essential categories:

1. Personal Development

We encourage our members to continually strive to develop as individuals, thus furthering their advancement in all aspects of life. We continually strive to educate our members to be some of the most socially adept engineers graduating college. They will develop and grow as individuals, learning public speaking, listening, motivation, communication, and other social skills necessary for a successful career in sales engineering. These personal developments help guide individuals down their own path, building a solid foundation for a promising future. 


2. Ethical Development

The SEC promotes the Engineering Code of Ethics, and asserts the need to have open, honest, communication and integrity at all times, regardless of any possible personal or professional gains. Ethics have always been one of the fundamental aspects of engineering, and as such, is at the center of the SEC belief structure.


3. Professional Development

The SEC strives to teach club members the importance of relationships in the business world and their necessity within the field of sales engineering. Through our meetings with industry professionals, forums, presentations, and hands-on learning experiences, the SEC seeks to impart our members with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed in the world of technical sales.