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Agilent Spotlight - May 6th

posted May 10, 2014, 4:55 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 30, 2015, 6:52 PM by Preston Stebel ]

Agilent Technologies:
  • It is an international company with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA
  • It offers the broadest range of innovative measurement solutions in the industry, with its four businesses comprising of: Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences, Diagnostics & Genomics, and Electronic Measurement
  • At their research laboratories, they conduct research that anticipates customer needs & produces breakthroughs that power growth
  • As of September 2013, they have announced plans to separate into 2 industry-leading public companies, one in life sciences, diagnostics, & applied markets that will retain the Agilent name, and the other comprised of the electronic measurement businesses that has been named Keysight Technologies
  • Browse for Jobs:
  • Representative present at Spotlight Event: Bing Hadley (

General Meeting - April 29th

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  • Buy your tickets for the End of the Year Dinner (EYD)!
  • Tickets: $25 (members), $35 (non-members)
  • DateMay 22nd @ 6:00 p.m.
  • Located: Edna Valley Winery
  • Address: 2585 Biddle Ranch Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Networking Presentation:
  • GoalTo develop mutually beneficial relationships
  • RealityAll things being equal, people always want to do business with their friends
  • Talk about: FINGERS = Family, Interests, News, Goals, Entertainment, Relationships, Success
  • Practice: Create a 30 second commercial for yourself
  • Remember: "There's a reason we have 2 ears & only 1 mouth"
  • In Sales: Best way to get a referral is to give one
  • Above All Else: Stay classy & professional

Parker Hannifin Spotlight - April 22nd

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  • Parker Hannifin:

  • Sales Activity:
    • Each participant at the meeting was provided a diagram with tips & guidelines about the most effective systematic approach to a sale
    • Real example sales cases were presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach, which is the following steps:
      1. Analyze customer business environment
      2. Build plans linked to customer initiatives
      3. Help customer establish buying vision
      4. Articulate your company's capabilities & qualifications
      5. Develop solution with customer
      6. Close the sale
      7. Monitor implementation & ensure expectations are exceeded

General Meeting & Resume Workshop - April 15th

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General Meeting:
  • Email resumes to to have have it available for our sponsors
  • Look forward to new club tank tops coming out soon
  • Sign up for our End of the Year Dinner (EYD) which is on Thursday, May 22nd at Edna Valley Vineyard & includes a buffet
  • EYD is a great opportunity to reflect on the year & network with Industry Representatives 

Resume Workshop:
  • Be consistent in the format of the entire document
  • Prioritize the areas of the resume in a logical order
  • Try to limit total length to 1 page
  • Include major GPA if higher than all-school GPA
  • Make sure that your contact & personal information stands out
  • Identify accomplishments instead of just descriptions
  • Use strong verbs to describe experience without being vague
  • Don't list anything you are not prepared to discuss
  • Cater the format & content to specific job (for sales include more leadership & interpersonal skills)

General Meeting - April 8th

posted Apr 15, 2014, 8:17 PM by Unknown user

This week we discussed the importance of open and closed questions.

Open Ended Questions
§Open ended questions require more than one word answers
Great for finding out more general information about our client’s needs

Help us connect with buyers on a personal level and find out what is truly important to them

Broad, simple questions are most effective in the the first client  meetings

Effective at prying information out of buyers

Closed Ended Questions
§Closed ended questions can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”
Great for clarifying information or getting a more specific answer

Allows you to narrow down the relevant information for a particular job

Many times, closed ended questions start with verbs, such as “Are,” “Will,” “Is,” “Have,” “Did,”

Great way to ask a client to take a position or introduce a subject

We also led a "20 Questions" type of game where participants were able to ask 10 open and 10 closed questions to discover what a given object was. This was a great way to experience what the right situation for each type of question was and practice asking questions to complete a objective. 

General Meeting & Sales Activity - April 1st

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  • General Meeting:
    • Get ready for an exciting Spring Quarter which includes: several Spotlight Events, the Spring Career Fair, Open House, & ends with SEC's annual End of the Year Dinner (EYD)
    • Reminder: dues are $20 to become a member & to have exclusive access to internships/full-time positions from our sponsors
    • If you are a member please send your resume to:

  • Sales Activity:
    • Each participant at the meeting formed into groups to to be the sales team for a completely random product 
    • Each group has to describe the features & benefits of their product in relay fashion to the audience
    • The group with the best combination of quality & quantity for features & benefits for the product was voted the winner
    • Served as a good learning experience for sales in regards to:
                    1. How to think under pressure & stay  
                          composed in a sales pitch
                    2. The importance of understanding &
                          portraying the benefits of the features of a product
                    3. How to work & adapt with other associates in a potential sales team

EFCO Spotlight Event - March 4th

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EFCO Corporation:

  • It is a supplier of products & services to the construction industry for efficient forming of concrete & concrete support systems
  • Its vision is the be the Concrete Forming system of choice both in the U.S. & Internationally by offering superior, valued added product that is also backed by on-site training & customer service
  • It has over 100 highly trained Territory Managers worldwide focused on customer productive & safety
  • Known for: "Best Value & Lowest In-place Concrete Costs"
  • Job Opportunities:

Officer Elections - February 25th

posted Feb 26, 2014, 3:49 PM by Unknown user

The new officer board for 2014-2015 was elected at last night's meeting. Thanks for all who came out and ran for a position. Congratulations to the new Officer Board!

SEC Executive Officer Board 2014-215:
  • PRESIDENT - Tyler Sasse
  • VP of OPERATIONS - Alessandro Andreatta
  • VP of ACCOUNTS - Keoni Sanchez
  • VP of FINANCE - Alek Squires
  • GM COORDINATOR - Ben Sweeney
  • MARKETING CHAIR - Jimmy Szelenyi
  • SECRETARY - Sarah Lawler
  • ACCOUNT MANAGERS - Brian Danis, Tori Carson, Harry Chaw, Rahul Sen

Minarik Spotlight Event - February 20th

posted Feb 25, 2014, 1:12 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 30, 2015, 6:54 PM by Preston Stebel ]

  • Minarik Automation & Control:
    • A Kaman Company, Minarik is the only national motion control distributor
    • It is a recognized leader in providing solutions for current automation, high-tech motion control, & mechanical motion applications
    • It takes pride in being able to support customers in all phases of their process, from both design to delivery & maintenance
    • Key markets include: packaging, printing, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, medical, biotech, alternative energy, food & beverage, exercise equipment, machine tool, plastics, oil & gas, and material handling
    • It also specializes in custom engineered solutions through its resource called Minarik Applied Products & Systems (MAPS), which assists customers with product design, enhancing manufacturing processes, & supporting customers from concept to production
    • Job opportunities: please refer to the 2 attached documents below for entry-level positions
    • All applications or questions may be sent to:
    • Representative present at Spotlight Event: Ed Molyneux, District Sales Manager for the Southwest Region (Email at:

  • Sales Lesson:
    • Each participant at the meeting was provided a seminar on how to close a sale
    • For a look at the actual presentation, refer to the attached PowerPoint below

General Meeting & Sales Pitch Activity - February 11th

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  • General Meeting:
    • Reminder applications for Officer Board positions are due February 21st, the application itself can be downloaded at the bottom of this section, & once completed please send them to:
    • Reminder dues are $20 to become a member & to have exclusive access to internships/full-time positions from our sponsors
    • Also if you are a member please send your resume to:
  • Sales Activity:
    • Each participant at the meeting formed into groups to brainstorm a sales pitch for a completely random product 
    • Each product was based on a variety of descriptions provided by those who attended
    • The groups then competitively presented their pitch to the club focusing on creativity, making a connection with the audience, & finishing with a closing bargain

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