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Air Treatment Spotlight Event - January 30th

posted Feb 2, 2014, 5:02 PM by Unknown user

  • Air Treatment Corporation
    • It represents industry leaders to consider the best technology solutions for each their respective product lines 
    • It offers a wide array of top quality HVAC equipment with special regards to: humidification, dehumidification, precision air conditioning, pumps, & packaged systems
    • Serves as experts in new building systems with replacement & upgrades with major services such as: equipment selection & application assistance, equipment startup service, warranty services, retrofit & replacement, & maintenance
    • Product Line:
    • Representative present at Spotlight Event: Ken Mozek, Sales Manager of Northern CA (Email at:

  • Sales Activity:
    • Participants at the meeting were given a situational example to brainstorm collectively on how to go about the process of starting a sales meeting
    • Key questions to keep in mind when approaching a sale:
      1. Who does your client currently use as a source?
      2. What does your client dislike & like about their provider?
      3. Who exactly is your client's customers?
      4. What are the goals & values of your client's company?
      5. What are the roles & responsibilities of your client in the scope of the company?
      6. How does your client make money?
      7. Where does your client vision improvements?
      8. How can you ensure your specification in your client's proposal for change?
    • Remember to always finish a meeting by following up with a review of what was agreed on & what comes next